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Below the documents detailing communications between the Croquet and Cricket Clubs

Document 1

Document 2

Document 3

Document 4

Document 5

Document 6

Document 7

Document 8

Document 9

Document 10

SCC - Swanage Croquet Club

SCrC - Swanage Cricket Club

Email of 6 May

Minutes of SCC / SCrC meeting 17 August

Minutes of 17 August meeting revised by Greg Vaughn

Email from Cricket Club 15 September

Minutes of SCC / SCrC meeting 20 September

Minutes of 20 September meeting rewritten by Simon Parvin 

Email from Greg to Cricket Club 19 October

Email from Cricket Club on 24 October

Email to Cricket Club 5 November

Email GReg to Croquet Club members 10 November

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