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Tea/Coffee facilities


Some of you have asked your Committee to try and provide facilities for making hot drinks at out club site. Clearly not without issues given we have no electric or water but we have come up with a solution albeit far from perfect.


In the marquee we have fitted a gas hob on top of the wooden cabinet. The cabinet is locked with a combination lock for security purposed. The cabinet contains the gas bottle,  a kettle, tea, coffee, sugar , a lighter and a tea spoon.


If you want to make yourself a drink you will need your own cup, water and milk.


The combination lock is set to 240. Once open you can turn the gas bottle on. Fill the kettle and place on the hob having lite it with the lighter.


Whoever is last to leave Please ensure all equipment is back in the cupboard, the gas bottle is OFF and the padlock fitted and locked.


This is clearly a temporary solution until we can sort out something more convenient.


Greg Vaughn

Chair SCC

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